We are in.Dent!

Welcome to in.Dent.... Oral Health with a Conscience

in.Dent is a Social Enterprise which partners with organisations to deliver oral health events and mobile dental services to improve access to dental services for homeless and marginalised groups. 

As well as directly delivering oral health services, our consultancy partners with organisations such as NHS trusts, charities and universities to create a network of socially responsible, inclusive and impactful oral health services.

Our CEO, Natalie Bradley founded in.Dent after encountering more and more people who found it difficult to access dental service. She says:

''I am passionate about enabling access and improving the oral health of vulnerable and marginalised groups. I have had experience working with these groups with my NHS roles and also with charities, but from these experiences I feel more needs to be done to create sustainable and impactful models of dental care to future-proof the needs of these homeless and vulnerable groups''

in.Dent aims to create upstream approaches in improving the oral health of homeless and socially excluded groups by:
  • Creating a socially inclusive oral health network across the UK
  • Encouraging dental providers and organisations to be socially inclusive and provide education to the workforce on how to achieve this
  • Integrating oral health in the provision of health and social care for marginalised groups
  • Collaborating with organisations to provide oral health care events for marginalised groups
  • Delivering oral health services directly in the community with the use of mobile dental clinics.